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The Benefits of Cayman Real Estate

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The Cayman Islands have long been a destination of choice for many people throughout the country to go to in order to relax and enjoy both the sun and the surf. In recent years, however, the Cayman Islands have moved beyond simply being a holiday destination and are now considered one of the prime destinations of choice for real estate investment. In fact, Cayman real estate today is showing significant increases in value and is becoming one of the most profitable investment choices that you can make on the market.

One of the key benefits of investing in Cayman real estate beyond simply the fact that it is a beautiful choice for a home or other holiday getaway is the fact that the Cayman Islands are a tax-free zone. This means any gains that you would normally pay taxes on with investments made in the United States can effectively be pocketed without the need to worry about substantial taxation. This means you can realize significantly more financial return from any investments you make on any Cayman Island real estate than you would on real estate within the continental US.

When searching for real estate Cayman Islands have a number of different options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for Cayman Brock real estate or real estate choices and other areas, agents such as those found that can help you find just the right property to match both your desires and budget so that you can start realizing all of the benefits that owning property in the Cayman Islands can bring today.

Homes For Sale Richmond Virginia The Perfect Homes Awaits You

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Growing up we all dream about finding the perfect home that will be exactly what we want for our entire family.  By scouring the homes for sale Richmond Virginia has to offer the perfect home may be closer than you think.

Comparing towns in which you want to move to can be a very tiring experience.  The key to all of it though is to be sure that you do your homework and that you are certain in terms of which town you want to move to.  Choosing a town for your family is important due to the fact that when you move somewhere, you are likely going to be there for a considerable amount of time.  Taking this into account, you are going to want to look at the quality of the school system in which you are going to be putting your children into.  You are also going to want to look over things such as the crime rate, the availability of highways and such for your commute to work on a daily basis, and so on.  All of these factors needed to be weighed in your mind before you make a final decision on where you want to live.

Realtors at can set you up with a Virginia realtor that will give you some great homes to see.  The Chesterfield homes for sale may be the perfect match for your family.

Michael Jackson’s home, where he died is for sale

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Contribution by Luxury Homes Blog

The last home where Michael Jackson lived is in the market for sale. This home did not actually belong to Michael Jackson, as he was renting it. Michael was paying $100K a month to rent it and he rented it from Dec 2008 till he died in June 2009. The house has been listed for sale for $23.9 million. However, when it was built first the asking price was $38 million, but it never sold and Michael ended up renting it.

The mansion was built in 2002. It was designed by Hubert Guez, CEO of Hardy Designs. It is 17,000+ square feet and features 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. It also has a gym and a movie theater. Word has it that Michael fell in love with it’s huge bedroom and lavish gardens.

The house is located in Holmby Hills (part of Beverly Hills) at 100 N. Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles, California.